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Excerpt: "My Mama Told Me"

On my wedding day, I wore a $300 padded push-up bra. In the pictures, I could've passed for a B-Cup. That night, under the moon in Nassau, I left it on as we made love. Whenever Walter tried to unsnap it, I guided his hands away. I wore it everyday with every outfit. I could tell he was frustrated when I heard him ask, "Are you going to shower with that thing on?"

After getting back from the Bahamas, I was a few shades darker from the Caribbean sun and sore from the constant intercourse. But when the high of the honeymoon wore off, so did the intimacy. Walter wanted spontaneous things like sex in the morning. Who had time for that? I put the "C" in career woman as an account executive for Renaissance Works, Detroit's largest multimedia firm. I had to direct digital advertisement campaigns for Fortune 500 firms. Who had time to tend to your husband's needs when you're getting e-mails from bigwigs at Ford and invitations to parties at the governor's mansion? It's not that I neglected him; I just had a million things on my list. Even with my M.B.A. from the University of Michigan, the journey to six-figures had been grueling. One mishap would lead to a pink slip in my hand followed by a knock at the door. Next, some man I'd never seen before would be driving off in my Jag.

Just this past summer, the couple down the street got their Lexus repossessed during a family barbecue. That kind of thing was really embarrassing in the suburbs but typical in Detroit. Expected. I read about a man who had locked two pit bulls in his 1993 Ford Taurus. The dogs were shot dead in attempt to repossess the car. In the "Michigan Citizen" newspaper interview, he said, "I was just trying to come up with a way to keep the repo man off of my back until my unemployment kicked in. They didn't have to kill Super Fly and Shaft. That was just wrong!" He ended up suing #1 Used Motors and winning a $100,000 judgment. Mama knew him; he was Cee-Cee, the son of her best friend from church. He got himself a shiny silver Cadillac. Then, he got locked up for assaulting a man who keyed his car outside of a strip club.


Excerpt: "Love Without Limits"

Two hours later, Debra couldn’t help but grin at her reflexion. The copper-brown rinse in her hair had erased her gray along with five years from her face. A combination of shimmery eyeshadow and perfectly applied mascara gave her eyes a seductive allure. Gold lip gloss made her full lips look soft and very kissable.

At home, Debra dared to put on a fitted green dress as opposed her black pantsuit. She felt too sexy to cover herself up. She bought the dress a year ago, but never had the courage to wear it until tonight. She was amazed by the way it complimented her voluptuous figure. After putting on her gold earrings and high-heeled sandals, Debra took a good look at the woman staring back at her in the full-length mirror. She was a vision in green. A woman with a beautiful face, flowing hair, a perfect pedicure, generous cleavage and shapely legs.

“Alex is going to want me so bad tonight,” Debra thought as she went downstairs. She sipped a glass of Chardonnay while and waited for him to come home. She wanted him to see her the minute he opened in the door. Maybe they wouldn’t even go to dinner... maybe he would take her right on the living room couch and fill her body up with his manhood so good that she’d shout his name until her voice went hoarse.

After a few sips of wine, her phone lit up with a text message from Alex. “Working late, can’t make dinner tonight.” Those six words made her furious. How could he! They had planned this date weeks ago. She doubted that he was even working overtime and it was obvious that he prioritized whatever or whoever he was doing over Debra. But knowing that Alex didn’t care did not change the fact that she still cared.


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