Sade C. Morrison's Biography

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Sade C. Morrison

Sade's love affair with the written word began at a young age when she was exposed to books by Alice Walker, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison and Terry McMillian.

Born and raised in Detroit, Sade's life travels have taken her all over the country and around the world, but she's always has a special place in her heart for Motown.

No matter how hectic her schedule gets between being a mother, wife and working full-time, she always makes time to write. She is encouraged by the continued support of readers.

"I am most inspired by the stories of women who persevere through the rough times and maintain a sense of self. There is more pressure on women than ever before to be everything to everyone. Sometimes, it's important to take time to connect to yourself... my outlet of choice is creative writing. I am thankful for everyone who has supported this journey. It has been filled with healing and growth."

– Sade C. Morrison





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