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Welcome to the official website for author Sade C. Morrison. Her novels, "My Mama Told Me" and "Love Without Limits" peak into the lives of real women who know how to make "lemonade of out lemons."

"My Mama Told Me" is Sade's debut novel with a story that focuses on the beautiful and fragile relationship between mother and daughter. "Love Without Limits", Sade Morrison's follow-up novel is full of heartwarming moments and sexy surprises. "A Rose In Spanish Harlem" is Sade's spicy new novel that blends African-American and Puerto Rican culture with a good dose of romance.All three books are available on (Kindle & Paperback Formats.)

Sade is humbled by the continued support from readers across the nation and from around the world. Creative expression is essential to Sade's life and no matter how busy it gets, she finds time to keep reading and writing.

My Mama Told Me by Sade Morrison

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Love Without Limits by Sade Morrison

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A Rose In Spanish Harlem by Sade Morrison

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